Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #016, Introduction to the Backwards Roll

Hi Everyone,

In the next few lessons I'm going to be teaching and discussing the different rolls of the right hand that are used in the three finger style. They consist of the forward roll, the backward roll, the forward backward roll, the backward forward roll, the alternating thumb roll, and I'm also going to be explaining a very important technique called pinching. The first mention of the backward roll is presented in this segment and I'll be giving you a few excersises to increase the strength and dexterity of your right hand as well. Now these rolls are the foundation of this whole style, so take your time and learn them well! Try to have fun everyone, take a lot of breaks, and...... Roll On Buddy .. Roll On!

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  1. I really am having a good time learning from David. This site is great!!!!